Construction Updates

Construcation Activity- Week of September 22, 2014

Lincoln Wastewater Reclamation and Treatment Facility Construction Activity

Work/Activities Performed Last Week:

  • Completed subgrade preparation at the Solids Dewatering Building.
  • Continue installation of 16” RAS line from Secondary Clarifier to new RAS Pump Station.
  • Completed wall & deck forms/rebar/waterstop at existing Headworks – Placed concrete
  • Complete forms/rebar/waterstop at Oxidation Ditch 3 for wall pour 14 – Placed concrete.
  • Continued forms/falsework at south& north sides at the elevated walkways at Oxidation Ditch 3.
  • Complete forms/rebar for 2nd launder section at Secondary Clarifier – Placed concrete.
  • Continued trench backfill of 18” RAS line at west side of existing Oxidation Ditch 1.
  • Continued forms/rebar/waterstop for Oxidation Ditch 1 wall pour 15.


Work Scheduled to be Performed this Week:

  • Start installation of footing forms at the Solids Dewatering Building
  • Complete sack & patch/epoxy prep work and start epoxy lining at existing Chemical Storage.
  • Continue forms/false work for the elevated walkway at Oxidation Ditch 3.
  • Complete forms/rebar at Oxidation Ditch 1 elevated walkway for 3rd section – Place concrete.
  • Complete forms/rebar/waterstop for Oxidation Ditch 1 wall pour 15 – Place concrete.
  • Continue installation of 12” under drain at south side of Oxidation Ditch 3.
  • Continue installation of 18” RAS line to new RAS Pump Station – west side of Oxidation Ditch 1.
  • Complete necessary prep work and start water test for new Secondary Clarifier.

Pipeline Construction Activity

Work/Activities Performed Last Week:

Reach 1 (Sta: 10+00 to 55+00) – Turkey Creek

  • An excavator is being utilized to process soils that were generated during installation of the pipe, and some imported soils.
  • The power screen has been mobilized and is being used to generate backfill material for use at various location on the project.

Reach 1 (Sta: 10+00 to 261+42.90) – Virginiatown Road

  • The work on VTR this week is being done by a small crew that is making repairs to the culverts that were cut to install the pipe. Twelve culverts were repaired. They saved the removed piece, banded it and replaced it, to the width of the trench.

Reach 2 (Sta: 10+00 to 109+71.09) – Chili Hill Road

  • The trench excavation and pipe installation continued to Sta: 19+00.
  • A flange was then fused for the future pigging station at Park Lake Court. Another flange was assembled and fused at Sta: 20+00. These locations were then plated and paved.
  • Trenching continued without incident to Sta: 29+50, where a boulder was encountered. This boulder was removed by digging it out.
  • Another boulder was encountered at Sta: 30+00 and took 4 hours to break out. This one was 5’x5’x22’, about 20 cubic yards of material.

Reach 3 (Sta: 10+00 to 203+71.07) – Wise Road Overland

  • This week the contractor did not work on the Wise Road Overland portion of Reach 3. They continued to work on the portion of Reach 3 between Sta: 108+70 and 171+00.
  • Contractor continues to construct a pioneer road across the Shanley Overland portion of Reach 3, from Sta: 108+70 to Sta: 171+50. They currently have a passable pioneer road at this location.
  • Trench excavation has started at Sta: 108+70. Rock was immediately encountered. It was too much for the 328 excavator with a regular bucket. They worked Thursday afternoon and part of Friday, excavating approximately 30 feet of trench to grade..

Work Schedule to be performed this coming week:

  • Contractor will continue trench excavation at the Sta: 109+00 area.
  • Continue with trench excavation and pipe installation at Chili Hill Rd.
  • Continue welding and string pipe between Sta. 120+50 and 145+00 in Reach 3.
  • Continue to install and monitor the SWPPP best management practices.
  • Continue moving HDPE pipe from WWTRF property to final location on of Reach 3.


SMD-1 Construction Activity

Work completed as of September 19, 2014

  • DCI – Started cleaning up the top of forms and rebar from the Friday wall pour. Scaffolding was added around the exterior of the walls and handrail was added around the perimeter of the upper forms.
  • DCI – Started removing the top interior forms in all of the bays to allow the deck shoring to be set. The wetwell area will use a ledger plate with beams for the support deck and beam area. Scaffolding columns were installed to support the deck for the influent channel portion of the pump station. By the end of the week, the wood decks and raised areas to distinguish the beams from the slabs were completed and ready for chamfer and deck hatch openings.
  • DCI – Stripped most of the inside and some of the outside wall forms of Pump Building for inspection of the wall penetrations to see if good consolidation occurred around the sleeves; most of the concrete looked good
  • Continue to dewater into Baker tanks and land apply the water as dust control with water truck.
  • Auburn Constructors – The conduits between the generator pad area and the new electrical building slab area were poured with concrete on 9/12/2014 and last week the crews continued with conduits that area under the new electrical building. The number of conduits between the MCC building and Generator building were checked and rechecked plus conduits for the HVAC at the MCC/Electrical Building and late in the week, Stantec provided a clarification for the HVAC conduits.
  • Auburn Constructors – Setting conduits for outlets and lighting and the HVAC system later in the week at the MCC & Generator control building.
  • DCI – Grading slope in Northeast side of project for new fence alignment and widened the path to allow the fencing contractor enough room to access their equipment.
  • Cutting in the new swales east of the new fence and finish grading for drainage and the slope along the east side of the project site.


Work/Activities Planned for this week:

  • DCI – Continuing to set forms for the beam and deck pour at the pump station structure. The hatches and deck penetrations will be set before the reinforcing steel is brought in and placed.
  • DCI – The exterior EFCO forms will continue to be removed from the walls as the crews have time and access.
  • Continue to dewater into Baker tanks and land apply the water as dust control with water truck.
  • DCI – The carpenter crews may start on the formwork for the generator pad.
  • DCI – Continue to work on site grading and making ready for the SWPPP wet weather improvements which will include hydro seeding.
  • No work on Headworks while waiting on DCI pumping plan for modifications to plant structure
  • Auburn Constructors Electrical division will continue laying out conduits and duct banks for the new MCC building & Generator slabs north of the new pump station.



Post-construction Roadway Pavement Process

In the construction segments where the pipeline is being installed in a roadway the existing pavement is excavated for pipeline placement.  After the pipeline is installed and the trench filled in, a temporary pavement patch is placed on the disturbed section of roadway.  After the pipeline has been installed, a variety of pipeline-related equipment such as air release or blow off valves are placed along the alignment.  Once that work is completed and no further construction activity is required, the contractor will provide the permanent paving patch over the disturbed section of roadway.  This will likely occur later this fall, depending on construction circumstances.  We appreciate your cooperation and patience!