Construction Updates

August 28, 2014

Lincoln Wastewater Reclamation and Treatment Facility Construction Activity

Work/Activities Performed Last Week:

  • Completed forms/rebar/waterstop at the existing Clarifier Splitter Box – Placed concrete.
  • Continued forms/rebar installation for the launder at the Secondary Clarifier.
  • Completed forms /rebar/waterstop at Oxidation Ditch 3 wall pour 9/11 – Placed concrete.
  • Continued forms/false work at east & west sides for the elevated walkways at Oxidation Ditch 3.
  • Continued installation of the 18” RAS from the existing Oxidation Ditch Splitter structure.
  • Continued forms/rebar/waterstop for the foundation/slab at the existing Headworks
  • Started blast & prep of RAS Pump Station Walls for exterior waterproofing application.
  • Started stripping forms from last concrete placement at the Tertiary Filter Addition.


Work Scheduled to be Performed this Week:

  • Excavate and prepare subgrade at the existing Solids Dewatering Building – Start forms.
  • Continue installation of 18” RAS from existing Oxidation Ditch Splitter structure.
  • Complete forms/rebar/waterstop for existing Headworks foundation/slab – Place concrete.
  • Complete forms/rebar/waterstop at Oxidation Ditch 3 for wall pour 12 – Place concrete.
  • Start stripping wall forms at the existing Secondary Clarifier Splitter Box.
  • Complete forms/rebar for the launder at the Secondary Clarifier – Place 1st section concrete.
  • Continue forms/false work for the elevated walkway at Oxidation Ditch 3.
  • Complete forms/rebar at elevated walkway section at Oxidation Ditch 3 – Place 1st Concrete.

Pipeline Construction Activity

Reach 1-Turkey Creek Area

  • Excavation continued from Sta: 38+00 to 36+00.
  • Neil’s Blasting arrived on site to review the boulder at approximately 35+40. Rock being removed is being tracked as well as the time on the rock hammer. Drilling patterns and depth of holes are being recorded. Chargers were set and the last big boulder was blasted at 2pm on Wednesday. It was successful and there were no incidents.
  • The Archaeologist and Native American monitors have been here during excavation proceedings.
  • The remainder of the week has been focused on placing and backfilling the pipe that is here.

Reach 1 (Sta: 55+00 to 261+42.90) – Virginiatown Road

  • Contractor placed 933 feet of 26” x DR21 HDPE pipe on Virginiatown Road averaging 187 feet installed per day. The contractor excavated 903 feet of trench.
  • HDPE pipe is being moved from the Fowler property location to Virginiatown Road to be installed in the trench. Pipe is also being placed and fused on the Nelson Property in Reach 3.
  • Contractor continues to use the McElroy 1236HF HDPE pipe welding machine to weld pipe on Virginiatown Road.
  • The changeable message signs remain at the intersections of Fowler Road and Virginiatown Road and Virginiatown Road and Gold Hill to inform the local residents of the up-coming construction work and road closure.

Reach 5 – E. Catlett Roadway Restoration

  • Work is finishing up on the lime treatment of E. Catlett Road.
  • They have completed the grinding and paving of most of the road, all the way to Fiddyment Road. They have not done any work on Fiddyment Road.
  • Work should be completed by Monday or Tuesday of next week.
  • Traffic control is being provided by Sierra Safety.

SMD-1 Construction Activity

  • Completed removal of slab forms at the starter wall for Influent Channel slab west on west side of pump building.
  • Removed metal forms from the lower wall pour area to be used on the upper walls.
  • Continue placing wall rebar for second level of wall and pipe penetrations for pump building focusing on the area above the intermediate slab.
  • Setting forms for outside walls of Pump Building for second wall section.
  • Finish sandblasting starter wall, waterstop and rebar from last week’s concrete placement of Pump building Influent Channel slab.
  • Ground the cut trees and brush along the east side of the work area outside the east fence line.
  • Started processing stockpiled material, screened with grizzly and stockpile on north end of pump station excavation ramp area.
  • Continued to dewater into Baker tanks and land apply the water as dust control with water truck.


Post-construction Roadway Pavement Process

In the construction segments where the pipeline is being installed in a roadway the existing pavement is excavated for pipeline placement.  After the pipeline is installed and the trench filled in, a temporary pavement patch is placed on the disturbed section of roadway.  After the pipeline has been installed, a variety of pipeline-related equipment such as air release or blow off valves are placed along the alignment.  Once that work is completed and no further construction activity is required, the contractor will provide the permanent paving patch over the disturbed section of roadway.  This will likely occur later this fall, depending on construction circumstances.  We appreciate your cooperation and patience!