Construction Updates

Construction Update- July 22, 2016

The final stage of road restoration on Chili Hill Road, between Crater Hill Road and Gold Hill Road, will start on Wednesday, July 27, 2016 and continue through Friday, July 29, 2016. This operation will involve placing a chip seal coating over the full width of the road. All work areas will be designated with signs, cones and flagmen to help mitigate traffic.

If you have any questions, please contact the Regional Sewer hotline at 866-544-3644 or via email at

Pipeline Construction Update- Saddle Connection Replacement Process- February 2016

Construction activities on the Regional Sewer Pipeline reached basic completion in late December 2015. The pipeline has been installed over its entire 13.5 mile length from Highway 193 to the SMD-1 Wastewater Treatment Plant on Joeger Road near Highway 49. During quality control testing of the pipeline in September and October of 2015, several of the saddle connections to the pipeline failed, which required additional field investigation and evaluation of reliability of the saddle system. The saddles are an attachment made to the main pipeline using an electrofusion process, where heating elements in the saddle attachments provide bonding to the high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe, and provide for ancillary control components, such as vacuum breakers and low point drains. Follow up investigation of the cause of failure was limited to pressurizing the entire pipe system. Upon full evaluation of the operating and design criteria of the pipeline, the Project Team concluded that the long term reliability of the electrofusion saddle system does not meet the failsafe operational criteria of the pipeline, and a decision has been made to remove all 68 saddles, and replace them with factory manufactured T’s that are produced under factory quality control and testing, which is conducted at pressures substantially above pressures available for testing in the field, and significantly above the pipeline maximum pressure.

The Pipeline Contractor, Steve P. Rados, Inc. (SPR) will be commencing installation of the factory replacement T’s in early February 2016, with the field installation to be complete in May of 2016. Final road restorations and site clean-up along the pipeline route will follow the construction activities, and be coordinated with Placer County Department of Public Works. Final roadway restoration will be accomplished during the summer of 2016 in conjunction with other County road maintenance and rehabilitation programs.

The Regional Sewer System will be placed into service during June of 2016 with the final decommissioning, demolition, and construction activities at the SMD-1 Sewer Treatment Plant complete by the end of August of 2016.

Replacement of the saddle fittings will be much less intrusive in the roadway than the general construction of the past year. Every effort will be made to maintain open through traffic during construction periods. The projected duration of activity at any one individual location is anticipated to be between 3 and 5 days.

If you have any further questions or inquiries, please consult the Project website, or contact the Project Resident Engineer, Mr. Jack Harbour at 530-601-3551.