Construction Updates

Construction Activities for Week of November 3, 2015

Lincoln Wastewater Reclamation and Treatment Facility Construction Activity


The following is a brief description and several photos of the Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation Facility Project of work activities performed from 08/16/15 – 08/22/15

Work/Activities Performed Last Week:

  • Removing PMP 27211 for repairs.
  • Installing sac and patch at south and west side of Oxidation Ditch 3.
  • Installing repairs of 3W and 2W saddles.
  • Installing testing of Cathodic Protection.

Work Scheduled to be Performed this Week:

  • Installing repairs to Cathodic Protection System.
  • Installing sac and patch at Oxidation Ditch 3.
  • Installing Convenience out lets on light poles.
  • Installing coordination study.

Pipeline Construction Activity

Work/Activities Performed Last Week:

The following is a brief description and several photos of the Conveyance and Reclamation Pipelines Project of work/activities performed for the week ending 10/31/2015.

Reach 4- Joeger Road                                                                                                                                      

  • Contractor has completed work on trench dams and trench dam outlets in.   Contractor rebuilt the fill slope at the CMP outlet at Sta. 91+90.

Reach 3- Overland Section

  • Contractor continues to work on the SCAV’s and BOV on the overland arear of Reach 3. Backfilling and placing bollards at Sta 176+17, Sta. 186+40 and at Sta. 196+47. Backfilling and making grade around the BOV’s at Sta. 182+72 and Sta. 194+39.

Reach 1- Virginiatown Road

  • Contractor continues to refill the main line from Turkey Creek pigging station to Park Lake pigging station.

Work Schedule to be performed this coming week:

  • Contractor will continue to work on the bio filter. There is a lot of work to be done on the SCAV’s and BOV’s on Virginiatown Rd.
  • Pavement restoration on Joeger Road between Mt. Vernon Road and the SMD-1 pump station is currently scheduled for Monday, November 23 through Wednesday, November 25, and will continue Monday, November 30 through Tuesday, December 1. These dates are subject to change and dependent on weather.  No work will occur Thanksgiving Day and the day after Thanksgiving (November 26 – 27). Traffic control will begin daily at 6 a.m. with grinding beginning at 6:30 a.m. every day that paving is occurring. Paving will likely begin at Mt. Vernon Road, and continue north towards the SMD-1 pumping station.


Work/Activities Performed for the identified time period:

  • Rados Construction has cleaned up the SMD-1 Pump Station Construction site and organized it to be able to start the rough grading for the eastern portion of the site. The grizzly rock screen was used to start to separate the rock from good backfill and mark ready for the power screen to be brought in for processing.
  • The tie-in area had been restored however there was still some cleanup along the fence and to stack the temporary panels which was done by Rados this week.
  • Rados had the pipe fittings for the raw sewage intertie to the pump station delivered this week along with SWPPP materials and the fiberglass ductwork for the biofilter foul air piping.
  • Rados installed silt fence and straw wattles for SWPPP mitigation measures.
  • The delineation fence was placed near the demolished sludge bed area and was partially reset due to changes requested by the County.
  • Blackburn Consulting’s Geotechnical division procured the necessary permits for the demolition of the two Piezometer wells which were properly abandoned by drilling out and slurry placement by Taber Drilling.

Work/Activities Planned for this week:

  • SWPPP improvements including installation of the silt fence will be done.
  • Construct road ramp extension to help with backing the transfer trucks.
  • Rados will bring in a power screen to start processing levee construction soils.


Post-construction Roadway Pavement Process

In the construction segments where the pipeline is being installed in a roadway the existing pavement is excavated for pipeline placement.  After the pipeline is installed and the trench filled in, a temporary pavement patch is placed on the disturbed section of roadway.  After the pipeline has been installed, a variety of pipeline-related equipment such as air release or blow off valves are placed along the alignment.  Once that work is completed and no further construction activity is required, the contractor will provide the permanent paving patch over the disturbed section of roadway.  This will likely occur later this fall, depending on construction circumstances.  We appreciate your cooperation and patience!