Construction Updates

Construction Activity- week of July 20, 2015

Lincoln Wastewater Reclamation and Treatment Facility Construction Activity


The following is a brief description and several photos of the Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation Facility Project of work activities performed from 06/28/15 – 07/04/15

Work/Activities Performed Last Week:

  • Continuing to work on TNK 52601 new Muriatic Acid Storage area 1.
  • Installing new TNK 52602 Muriatic Acid Storage area 2.
  • Continuing to install cathodic protection test stations.
  • Installing manifold at AIT 93181.
  • Installing testing of newly installed equipment.
  • Installing remaining insulation.
  • Installing testing for vibration at the 2 new RAS pumps now that the voltage drop has been repaired.


Work Scheduled to be Performed this Week:

  • Reinstall hydro seeding at stock pile.
  • Continuing to work on TNK 52601 at new Muriatic Acid storage area 1.
  • Continuing to install TNK 52602 at Muriatic Acid Storage Area 2.
  • Continuing the installation of AIT 93181.
  • Continuing to install remaining insulation.
  • Continuing to demobilize.
  • Installing AC patch where needed.


Pipeline Construction Activity

Construction Activity Notification
Highway 193 (Off Pavement)
Completion of the gravity system tie-in will begin Monday, July 27. This work is located off pavement from Hwy 193, however, k-rail and signage will remain in place until all work in the area is finished. No lane closures are anticipated for this work.

Virginiatown Road
In order to expedite the horizontal directionally drilling (HDD) installation beneath Auburn Ravine, the Contractor will begin a 24-hour/5-day a week operation beginning Monday, July 13 through the end of the month. Construction will begin 7:00 AM Monday and continue overnight Mon-Fri ending at 7:00 PM on Saturday. Crews will then commence their operation at 7:00 AM the following Monday. During this time, there may be an increase in construction traffic on and around Virginiatown Road west of Fowler Road. Additionally, culvert repairs are taking place along Virginiatown Road west of Gold Hill through the end of the week, ahead of final paving. Placer County will be taking over the paving operation, which is expected to begin after Sept 1.

Lincoln Blvd./Old Highway 65 (Off Pavement)
Installation of the biofilter will resume July 27 on the parcel northeast of the intersection of Lincoln Blvd. and Ferrrari Ranch Road in Lincoln. This work involves new piping, fans, and electrical improvements. There will be trucks entering and exiting the site, which will have a minimal impact on traffic.

Joeger Road
There are currently 2 work areas on Joeger Rd.
Work is underway on Joeger Road at the Bell Rd intersection. One-lane flagged traffic will be implemented between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM. Please utilize the detours where possible.

A second work area, the Deadman’s Ravine crossing, located approximately 500-feet east of Larkin Lane, is continuing through the end of the week. One-lane flagged traffic will take place in both work areas on Joeger Rd. During one-way traffic control, drivers may be required to stop for 15-20 minutes at the direction of a flagger. Please utilize the detour, where possible, to avoid the work zone.

Please note- ALL pedestrians and cyclists MUST be escorted through the construction zone by a member of the construction crew during active construction periods.
We apologize for the inconvenience.



The following is a brief description of the SMD 1 Sewer Conveyance Pump Station work activities performed through the week ending 7/4/15.

Work/Activities Performed for the identified time period:

  • The City of Lincoln Operations came onsite to operate the overhead crane and lift the three submersible pumps out of the wet well and onto the pump station deck.
  • Mason Painting was onsite to sand blast and recoat the three submersible pumps.
  • Jack talked to subcontractors and suppliers to coordinate remaining work at SMD1.

Work/Activities Planned for this week:

  • The City of Lincoln Operations staff will assist with placing the three submersible pump back into the wetwell.

Post-construction Roadway Pavement Process

In the construction segments where the pipeline is being installed in a roadway the existing pavement is excavated for pipeline placement.  After the pipeline is installed and the trench filled in, a temporary pavement patch is placed on the disturbed section of roadway.  After the pipeline has been installed, a variety of pipeline-related equipment such as air release or blow off valves are placed along the alignment.  Once that work is completed and no further construction activity is required, the contractor will provide the permanent paving patch over the disturbed section of roadway.  This will likely occur later this fall, depending on construction circumstances.  We appreciate your cooperation and patience!